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Learn European Portuguese From A Non Native! Wait What?!

My name is Nathan and I have spent the last 8 years of life learning Portuguese on and off. I built this website to bring together all the resources you will need to learn the language.



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My name is Nathan and I have been studying European Portuguese for the past 8 years. I started dating a beautiful Portuguese girl right out of highschool and since then have been trying to learn the language. We are now married and I love the fact that I can participate in family conversations. It wasn’t easy though. The biggest issue I faced and others face is that all of the programs out there are geared towards Brazilian Portuguese! I started doing these programs but was quickly embarrassed when speaking to a grandparent and saying a word in Brazialian Portuguese on accident.


To put it plain and simple, there aren’t enough people interested in European Portuguese compared to Brazilian. Because of this, software companies don’t see the value in creating courses in it. They won’t make enough money to constitute making it. Typically the people wanting to learn usually fall into two categories;

  • People traveling to Portugal and want to learn the basics
  • Or people like me that start dating/marrying someone who is from Portugal

To put things in perspective, the population in Brazil is around 200 million while the population in Portugal is around 10 million. From a business perspective I really don’t blame these companies. I certainly wished they would create some courses but it makes sense logically. With all that said, I actually believe it to be beneficial to go through some of these programs. The grammar is essentially the same. There are some words that are completely different but they are far and few between. The biggest difference is pronunciations of certain words. Which over time you will easily be able to spot the difference between someone speaking Brazilian and European Portuguese. I will put some pretty decent Brazilian programs for you to check out here. Further down this page I will go into my secret stash of European programs. I have tried literally every program out there and will give my honest opinion on which is best.


One way I stay motivated to practic eportuguse is to think about the future. Think about 10 years from now. How much would it suck if you look back and realize you could have been completely fluent if you practiced every day. The biggest regrets people have in life are things they did not go for or so.


Here is a list of different programs available.


Here is a list of video resources


Having trouble finding portuguese music?


Believe me, I know how hard it is to learn a new language. It was until the last year or two that I really buckled down and made it a habit to practice. Most of the people I know that learn a new language move to that specific country. Rarely do I come across people who learn at home.


I think it’s best to try and create your own immersion. Find online teachers to speak with, listen to music in the language, read in the language and so on…


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